Monday, 15 March 2010

Public Engagement workshop 5

Linkage Trust (adults with disabilities) - workshop 5

This was a very enjoyable workshop and I was pleasantly surprised by what we achieved. I worked with 6 adults with disabilities alongside two carers. Over the course of the workshop we created jewellery using some of the techniques that I learnt in Sweden. I will be working with this group again at their Lincoln residential home. I also left work to sell in the Joseph Banks Society gallery - the adults from Linkage Trust work as volunteers at this centre.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

AA2A scheme

Studio Space

Throughout this project, it has been difficult to secure the studio space that I initially intended to work in. Ruddock's arts studios were unfortunately devastated by a fire in 2009. Studios in Lincoln were pricey and although I was offered my friend Finnish artist Samu's studio after he returns to Finland - this was a cold and out of the way studio and I preferred to work from home. I was also offered some space at Gallery No 10 at reasonable rates. However, I eventually I found a creative solution by means of applying to De Montford University to take part in their Artist in Residence scheme AA2A.

This scheme allocates me free use of the University's art facilities (such as printing press, workshop space, woodwork equipment etc), 100 hours of free studio time and an arts budget. I will also have the opportunity to talk about my work through lectures.

At the end of the scheme, all artists in residence (4 in total) are intending to exhibit in the Summer 2010.

Work In Progress

Images of current studio work, research on Sir Joseph Banks and CPD Sweden can be viewed at:

Farmers Market 10th Anniversary - Public work

The children's felt work created by class 4B at Westgate Junior School

Farmers Market 10th Anniversary - Public work

In order the celebrate the 10th Anniversary on the running of the Farmers Market, I was employed by Lincoln Business Improvement Group to run a series of felt workshops at Westgate Junior School, Lincoln. I worked with the children to produce felt carrots. potatoes, eggs and meats for a display. I used a variety of coloured merino wools and the children on class 4B and I had much fun creating the work.

On the day's event, the class arrived at the city centre to enjoy visiting the Farmer's Market and take part in a big scale art project - creating a map of Lincolnshire in chalks. I drew a basic outline of Lincolnshire and the children filled it in with pictures of produce and labelled the various farms around the county.

Public Engagement workshop 4

Examples of the bootees made in the Sure Start session

Public Engagement workshop 4

Sure Start group 'Precious Moments'

Parents worked together to produce felt baby bootees using the same colour scheme being used throughout the Joseph Banks project (hot pink Merino and dark earthy green Piiku wools). This workshop was very enjoyable and the mums appreciated the chance to work on a creative project.

Public Engagement workshop 1,2 & 3

3D Youth at Moorland Community Centre - Workshops 1&2

Children from between the ages of 6 to 11yrs created a series of felted flowers in tropical hot pink merino wools(Falkland Isles)and dark green Piiki wools (Finland).The work will be exhibited at the Joseph Banks Conservatory on 2010.

Stones Place (residential home for the elderly)- Workshop 3

I worked alongside the elderly and infirm at this residential home. It was a very challenging workshop as the adults enjoyed holding the tactile materials, but dexterity was an issue with may needing support from carers to perform small tasks. Overall the atmosphere was happy and relaxed but the adults found feltmaking very modern and difficult to accomplish.